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At MG cleaning, we are the pros when it comes to builders cleaning. With our trained team of cleaners and a management team which has a combined experience of over 200 years, you can be assured of the best cleaning services to residential and commercial buildings across Northwest Sydney.

Immediate attention to every client’s needs, prompt response to complaints and emergencies, and ability to provide builders cleaning services that cannot be found anywhere else in the modern market has made us achieve a solid reputation that is built on a solid reputation that has remained unshaken since we started our business. The quality of our services can be seen through our current builders cleaning contracts and other cleaning services that we offer.

Our flexible ability to work around trades 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to meet tight deadlines and provide superb results has also lead to our track record and customer trust that we enjoy today.

We are the specialists in after-builders cleaning

Builders cleaning is one of our core specialities. Our management team have worked with the construction sector for quite some time; hence we have built up expert knowledge that we use to provide you with high standards.

The reason why clients trust us despite being in service for only a few months is because of our flexibility and ability to react swiftly to fast-changing circumstances. Also, we understand what our clients want; thus we pay close attention to detail in every step of the process, and adhere to strict deadlines regardless of the intensity and complexity of a project.

We have necessary insurances

We understand that builders cleaning is one of the most risky services. Therefore, your safety and that of the staff working in your premise is our priority. We know that anything could go a miss, and we don’t want you to take full responsibility for it. For this reason, we endeavour to follow strict health and safety protocols, and have an array of insurances including public liability and employee liability insurance covers.

Therefore, when working with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that regardless of what happens to you, your property, our staff working in your premise, you will have zero liability, and you will be compensated in case of any damages.

We have qualified staff

Unlike some cleaners in the market who will employ anyone to work for them, our employees go through a vigorous hiring process, which ensures we only hire the best. All our team members are highly trained operatives, who are armed with a range of qualifications and certifications. They have adequate hands-on experience using advanced machinery and equipment for various tasks including high-level builders cleaning.

Our staff work to exceptionally high cleaning standards, so you can be sure that when handover time comes, you will put a broad smile on your face, because you will be super-impressed with your work.

At MG Cleaning, we don’t just invest in training that will help our staff [provide you with the best builders cleaning services. we also know that customer service can have an impact on the quality of services delivered, and this is the reason why we provide them with ongoing training on interpersonal skills. this is why the moment you come to us, you will be given a warm welcome, and the professionals working with you will prove to be your best friends during and after the service.

Why choose us for builders cleaning?

  • We have a large number of trained, qualified, and certified operatives
  • Our team has experience cleaning fragile items such as external and internal glasses
  • We are ISO certified
  • We follow strict health and safety guidelines, and we are also insured
  • We have an eco-friendly approach to cleaning
  • We offer 100% client satisfaction on all our cleaning services

Looking for a builders cleaning service provider you can trust?

If you need a builders cleaning contractor who will provide you with custom-made solutions which are complemented by the most competitive pricing packages in the market, look no further, get in touch with MG Cleaning Solutions and get the services you have been dreaming about. We assure you that we shall involve you in every step of the way, and regardless of your needs, our team of experienced cleaners will come up with personalised solutions to meet them.

To find more about our services, call us on [Phone Number] or email us through Also, you can fill the booking form on this page and we shall get back to you as soon as possible!


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