Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are at the heart of our business, it is where we are at good at. Regardless of your business cleaning needs, rest assured that we shall deliver!

A clean, healthy, and appealing work environment is one of the major factors that influence the productivity of a workforce according job satisfaction studies. Your team members deserve the best working conditions, and MG offers commercial cleaning services that are dedicated to ensuring your staff love their work spaces, which helps them focus on the core goals and objectives of your business.

When you call, we shall have a lengthy discussion with you so that we can assess your needs, and develop a tailor-made program that will address the unique concerns of your organisation.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer a host of commercial cleaning services including;

  • Detailed car cleaning
  • Executive office cleaning
  • Garbage and waste management services
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Support services
  • Sanitary and washroom solutions
  • Executive office cleaning
  • Commercial property cleaning
  • Vent Clean up

Using modern technologies and procedures, we are able to provide you with a super-clean work environment which can be seen in our work, our commitment to quality, our accountability to our clients, and our zeal to delivering on your word, at all times.

We work to a higher standard

At MG Cleaning, we relentlessly endeavour to provide services of the highest standards by providing tailor-made services that are specially designed to meet your business’ unique needs. Whether you need one-off, daily, nightly, weekly, or monthly commercial cleaning services, you can count on us to provide you with the quality you deserve.

To us, good enough is not good enough if the client is not satisfied. This is the reason why when we offer you with a service, we shall follow up severally, and ensure you are 100% satisfied. In case you notice any mistake in our cleaning, we know we are not super-perfect. We shall come back to your business and fix and mess at no additional costs!

Since your business should be able to personalise its cleaning services, we provide a daytime commercial cleaning schedule. This way, our cleaning professionals will be in your business throughout the day, which will ensure through cleaning, fast resolution of issues, and effective communication.

Commercial cleaning in different industries

Whether your company is located in a huge storeyed office building, school, clinic, or wherever it is located, we deliver A-class commercial cleaning services that will keep it sparkling and attractive to your staff and clients. All our staff are trained in cleaning various areas including healthcare environments such as acute care, ambulatory care facilities and medical offices.

We follow strict safety procedures when offering our services, not forgetting that we are 100% insured. Therefore, regardless of the industry your business is in, you can rest assured that we shall clean it according to your requirements and specifications.

24/7 availability

We know the benefits of maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe working environment without causing interruptions to business operations. We are, therefore, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide you with the cleaning services when your business needs them.

Professional staff

We are not your regular cleaners who will hire anyone to do cleaning. We hire a trained, professional, and certified staff. When they come to your premise, they will be fully uniformed, and will provide every service in a friendly yet professional manner.

Due diligence

At the completion if all cleaning tasks, we shall provide you with a comprehensive service report. We shall also ensure that all statutory healthy and safety obligations are met, and we don’t leave any loopholes for potential hazards. All the documentations that proof the same such as environmental compliance and relevant risk assessments will be kept updated and easily accessible.

Dedicated service

We are dedicated to providing you with the best services you can find anywhere in the Northwest Sydney market. When you choose to work with us, we shall assign you a contract manager who will act as the central point of contact with whom you can talk to about your needs. Also, this is the person who will inspect our staff, so that your team members can concentrate on everything else that matters to your business.

Affordable services

We know that cleaning can be a huge investment. Therefore, we have embraced the latest technologies and processes, which reduce the amount of time we spend cleaning commercial premises. This ensures we achieve a lot in a short time, and with this, we cut on labour costs; thus giving you a blend of quality and affordable commercial cleaning services.

Need superb commercial cleaning services at the most competitive prices in the market? Give us a call today!


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