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If you want your property to look valuable and appealing every day, you need to do proper strata maintenance. However, this task is in itself demanding, not forgetting that perfection in it needs a lot of expertise. You may not have time to do this yourself, and instead of entrusting it with gardeners who have no professional background, why don’t you contact MG Cleaning and get the service at the most competitive rates in the market?

Having started our business at the beginning of 2019, we have grown to become one of the most sought-after strata maintenance company in the Northwest Sydney market. We have gathered enough clientele over the months for offering a wider range of services to both residential and commercial properties. Strata maintenance is one of our primary services which is normally carried out by trained, competent, friendly, skilled, and equipped team of professionals.

Customer satisfaction is critical

Our main priority is customer satisfaction. Regardless of the service you need, we shall do everything in our capacity to ensure that you are happy with our solutions. In case you feel that there are some things within our service that we need to adjust, you can rest assured that we shall come back, fix things up, and leave your property without charging you an extra dime.

Our desire is to see an amazing exterior space of your property, which will not only make it an example that many would want to follow, but also help others develop a positive perception about your home, business, and you as a person.

When you call, we shall ensure that we listen to your needs and send a team of professional strata maintenance experts who will best fulfil them. Be assured that all our staff working in your property will be super-friendly, and will involve you in every step of the way so that they can develop a solution which is best tailored to your standards.

Our guarantee

We guarantee that we shall only provide you with high-quality services as far as strata maintenance is concerned. We shall never subcontract any professionals for your project, because we have enough manpower in our business. Regardless of the services you need, we assure you that we have the skill set and equipment needs to get it done in the fastest time possible and within any budget.

All our professionals are highly experienced and blessed with in-depth knowledge on strata maintenance which will keep the exterior part of your property glamourous. Just like other services we offer, our strata maintenance solutions come at an affordable cost, which means that regardless of your budget, there is something for you at MG cleaning!

We are prompt

There are cleaning companies out there whose goal is not to provide a service, but make quick wealth from unsuspecting clients. They will ask you for a down payment, but will only come to offer the service when they feel like. If you have been working with such companies, then be ready for a whole new experience when you choose to work with us. As soon as you sign an agreement with us, we shall come to your property and provide the service. We shall not, and will never ask for a down payment. You will only pay after we have completed your project, and the amount indicated on the initial quote is what you will pay at the end of the day. No hidden charges and no ghost services!

Professional, courteous, and energetic staff

At MG Cleaning, you will receive a fantastic client experience as soon as you contact us. Our customer service team will handle your call or emails with courtesy, and answer questions to your satisfaction. In case you have technical questions, you will be referred to the experts, who will ensure you understand everything about the type of strata maintenance services we offer.

When you sign an agreement with us, our dispatch team will send a team of uniformed experts who will work with you until you are satisfied with our services. With us, you can be sure that we shall leave your strata property way better than we found it. Get in touch with us today!

Allow us to do all the dirty work for you!

Why struggle doing strata maintenance while we can do all the dirty work for you? You deserve to engage yourself in other things that matter in your life. Leave strata maintenance to the MG Cleaners experts and see the difference. Call us today!


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